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Jing Ning: Wall

Kristin Stein
22 November 2015, 16:41

Your "Goals" section tells the viewer/reader how dedicated of a person you are.  Without even looking at any of your other pages, I knew already how hard working of a person you were.

Andrew Cobian
20 November 2015, 9:28

Your "Days in the US" page caught my attention. Especially all of the nice pictures of food!

Jared Butowsky
18 November 2015, 19:04

I agree with Heidi!

Heidi Clorofilla
18 November 2015, 19:01

Gorgeous profile picture!

Jared Butowsky
18 November 2015, 18:26

This is a pretty nice page. Although it should be noted that the social media links don't go to your profile but to the homepages of each of those websites. Other than that, though, I like this page.