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4.24.14 (Journal entry)

                My word of the week is definitely hectic. We have been gearing up for Hope’s Door Annual Gala, so everything has to be do...
Tags: practicum, psychology

4.17.13 (Journal entry)

            The word I would use to describe this week is definitely emotional. I believe that I have had the greatest highs and lows sin...
Tags: hopes door, practicum, psychology

4.3.14 (Journal entry)

My word of the week is impressed. For the first hour of my shift, I put away box after box of items that a local fundraiser donated to us...
Tags: pace, practicum, psychology

3.13.14 (Journal entry)

My word of the week is comfortable. I have finally started to feel like I belong here, and like I can function as a member of this team.
Tags: Pace, practicum, psychology
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