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James Brusseau (PhD, Philosophy) is author of books, articles, and digital media in the history of philosophy and ethics. He has taught in Europe, Mexico, and currently at Pace University near his home in New York City. As Director of AI Ethics Site, a research institute currently incubating at Pace University, he explores the human experience of artificial intelligence.






Departments of Philosophy and Religious Studies
One Pace Plaza
New York, NY 10038

50 Pine Street, Apt 8N
New York, NY  10005


JamesBrusseau.net is my academic webpage with theoretical philosophy publications.

500 Word Summary of my philosophy project

EthicsWorkshop.org is the applied ethics webpage supporting the textbooks Business Ethics Workshop and Ethics Workshop. The site links to case study videos, as well as to related content, especially at the intersection of philosophy and economics.

AI Ethics.Site investigates privacy and identity as they emerge from big data reality and algorithmic capitalism.

Surveillance Camera Man is a short documentary about the philosophy and ethics of public filming.

WealthInequalityWorkshop.org is a documentary accompanied by a thought experiment designed to test convictions about wealth’s distribution.

CSR Handbook outlines the full range of philosophical and ethical conceptions of the corporation’s relation with society.

Cases.EthicsWorkshop.org is case study videos for classroom use (CreativeCommons).