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Welcome to my e-portfolio! I'm so glad that you have taken time out of your day to take a peak into my life. This portfolio has been strategically designed to foster an atmosphere that let's you see who I am, personally, academically, and professionally. 

Feel free to navigate through the various pages and explore. If anything peaks your interest, feel free to contact me via e-mail or connect with me via social media. I look forward to connecting with you, after all, networking is a powerful tool. 

- Simply Jayé. 

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Raymonde "Patrice" Henry
22 November 2015, 21:19

Jaye, when I logged on to Jaye's World eportfolio, you made a statement of Confidence. Your eportfolio flows and your use of Tagxedo to promote your skills speaks volume.  

I am proud of your work and be sure that I will be connecting to your social media platforms now I have the opportunity, because one day I will be seeing you on TV!

Andrew Cobian
20 November 2015, 8:16

Jaye! Your motivational corner has got me ready to take on the world! Awesome job with this!

Jared Butowsky
18 November 2015, 17:30

The motivational corner is pretty good.

Destiny Reid
18 November 2015, 17:23

I love your motivational corner! People sometimes need a few words of encouragement to move forward with their day. Something so simple can definitely make someone's day!

Heidi Clorofilla
18 November 2015, 17:23

Love the Motivational Corner!
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Motivational Corner

Often times in life we are hoping for our gift or talent to be used. We may work diligently, read articles, self-help books, or a variety of other enriching practices. However, sometimes it is not the seed that is the issue. Your gift is your seed to the world. In order for your gift to flourish throughout the world, one must plant it in fertile soil. 

This month, ask yourself. Am I planting my seed, my gift, my aspirations, and my calling into infertile soil. Soil being relative to persons who only take from you and don't give back. Soil being relative to people who only cause you stress, pain, fear, and insecurity. It is imperative that you plant your seed into soil that will allow it to grow. 

Remember the only person who can block your flow, or stop what you are aspiring to become is you. In lieu of the Thanksgiving holiday, ask yourself, "am I ready for the Harvest." 

Be Encouraged. 

-Simply Jayé