About Me

Steven Bookman is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Pace University, teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) courses (ENG 201A [Writing in the Disciplines with a business theme]; ENG 040 [Business Writing/International Business Students]; ENG 110A [Critical Reading and Academic Writing]), ENG 201 (Writing in the Disciplines with a business theme), and ENG 201 LC Honors MAR 250.

He also tutored ESL students in all language modalities in Global Pathways.

In addition to teaching, he is editor for book reviews for the Second Language Writing Interest Section Newsletter for TESOL International Organization and reviews manuscripts for MEXTESOL Journal. He has previously reviewed manuscripts for TESOL Journal and TESOL EJ.

His research interests include: second language writing, editing and proofreading, technology in education (e.g., ePortfolios), multimodal writing, social media, and technical/professional/business writing.

When he is not teaching or working on his research, he is at the gym or at Peloton Studio cycling. 

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Contact information

Name: Steve Bookman

Country: United States

Email: sbookman@pace.edu

WeChat: profbookman

Cell: 646-643-7733

ePortfolio address: https://eportfolio.pace.edu/user/view.php?id=19010

LinkedIn address: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steven-bookman-6732b317/

Skype: steven.bookman3

Skype for Business: sbookman@pace.edu