I am a student at Pace University pursuing my degree in business management, concentrating in human resources, with Lubin School of Business. I am currently a Technical Help Desk Assistant at Mortola Library where I work closely with colleagues to offer broad ranging technical support services, multimedia project development assistance, and equipment loan facilitation to students, faculty, and staff. I am also vice president of the Commuter Advisory Board which is an organization that provides the Pace community with programming aimed to promote on campus unity and participation as well as being a voice to the adminstration to improve commuter life in general. I plan to attend law school when I complete my undergraduate to pursue a business law degree and hope to eventually work in the non-profit sector using my skills in business managment, human resources, and interpersonal skills to give back to the community and make a difference in the world.

Orientation Leaders 2013


Overall Reflection

My eportfolio is a collection of my thoughts, ideas, accomplishments, and aspirations. Throughout my time at Pace University, I have been encouraged by staff and faculty to utilize this technology to its fullest extent. I began by posting the economics paper I was very proud of and began to see this website as an opportunity to display how much I'm growing professionally as I continue to learn and develop. Over time my resume has gotten fuller and my papers have gotten better but I continue to share and post because when I graduate, this eportfolio will be a testament to my time as an undergraduate student. I can easily look back and see how far I've come and remember all of the hard work, successes, and even failures I've encountered. Being a student is never easy, but as the years go by, certain things come easier to you. I believe that one look at my eportfolio will show you that I have become more confident in my abilities, that I’ve learned so much about the business world and can apply it to my life every day, and that my education and professional development is incredibly important to me. Having an eportfolio attaches my name to all of the hard work I’ve put in to my education and can show whoever looks me up that I am a worthwhile member of the Pace University community with a lot to offer.

Senator of the Month


Goals and Aspirations

After I complete my undergraduate degree I hope to pursue a degree in corporate law at Fordham Law School and work for a non-profit organization that fights social injustices.


Sarah Santhouse

95 Nelson Avenue • Harrison, NY 10528 • 860.729.1279 •


Pace University, Lubin School of Business Pleasantville, New York

Bachelor of Business Administration concentrating in Management-Expected year of graduation June 2015



  • Senator of the Month for Pace University’s Student Government Association for December/January
  • Dean’s Honors List- Spring 2013
  • Member and prior President of the International Thespian Society
  • Invited to attend the National Young Leader’s Conference in Washington, D.C.




  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • HTML5 and CSS
  • Alice 2.0
  • Donor Perfect and Donor Pages
  • Google Analytics



Development Intern for Cardinal McCloskey Community Services: January 2014-Present

  • Assist in preparing and editing grant proposals for large amounts in order to benefit the individuals in our care
  • Assist the Director of Special Events in site visits, planning, and running fundraising events
  • Write and edit seasonal and annual newsletters recieved by board members and donors
  • Work with the DonorPerfect database and DonorPages fundraising website designer to keep track of donations and event progress
  • Act on event committees including the 2014 Stepping Up for CMCS Walkathon and the 2014 Wine Tasting Benefit Dinner


Orientation Leader for Student Development and Campus Activities, Pace University: Summer 2013

  • Assisted first year students in learning about and adjusting to college life while facilitating small groups
  • Worked individually and as a group to create a program designed to welcome and acclimate new students

Technical Help Desk Associate at Mortola Library, Pace University:September 2011 to Present  

  • Work closely with colleagues to offer broad ranging technical support services, multimedia project development assistance, and equipment loan facilitation
  • Developing a safety and security plan to protect students and staff from theft of technology and other valuables
  • Providing programming events and activities focusing on improving student’s study habits and knowledge of library’s resources

Starbucks: December 2011 to May 2012

  • Worked as a cashier and barista, providing food services and first-rate customer service

Voting Registration and Poll Assistant: November 2009/2010/2011

  • Worked as assistant to town’s registrar working closely with the high school to promote registering to vote and participating in the voting process
  • Monitored polling events during elections to provide aid to elderly and new voters

ShopRite Hardware Store: Summer 2010

  • Worked as customer service representative as well as cashier for small, privately owned business
  • Was responsible for determining inventory as well as preparing order forms for new items
  • Assisted in several community fix up projects like building a local playground and removing graffiti from public places




  • Vice President of Fundraising for Delta Sigma Pi
  • Executive Vice President of the Commuter Advisory Board
  • Member of the Gay Straight Alliance and Philosophy Club
  • Senator for the Student Government Association: working to represent and promote my organization (Commuter Advisory Board) through weekly meetings
  • Week of Welcome leader for small groups of first year students
  • Member of the Pace for Kids dance marathon committee supporting Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital
  • Served as a student representative for the Wethersfield Town Council: participated in weekly meetings and represented the student aged members of the town



  • Six years as child care facilitator and animal care expert at Eleanor Buck Wolfe Nature Center : worked towards teaching children aged 4 to 13 important environmental issues as well as how they impact the earth
  • Four years as chairperson and representative for the Red Cross bringing blood drives to schools in the area
  • Six years as an actor, director, choreographer, and stage worker for Wethersfield’s Teen Theater Company
  • Three years at Hartford Children’s Medical Center as assistant to medical professionals while maintaining an inviting atmosphere for the children and their families



Delta Sigma Pi