What is the Human Brain Project?

The Human Brain Project (HBP) is a revolutionary project that aims to develop a complete understanding of the human brain and how it functions. They plan to do this by integrating past, present and future brain research into a unified source, which has never been done before. The HBP will greatly impact many areas of science including neuroscience, medicine and computing. The information gathered from the project will help fill in gaps in our knowledge of neuroinformatics and brain function. It will also allow for huge leaps in medical technology, including the ability to get earlier diagnoses for brain diseases and to create personalized treatments for people. Furthermore, this information will allow for new types of supercomputers to be developed that have systems with brain-like intelligence. There are promising benefits associated with the HBP, the technology just needs to be completed and made readily available to scientists.

HBP Buzzwords


Levels of the Brain

Scientists with the HBP want to get complete pictures of each layer of the brain in order to see how they function together, and also to see how malfunctions in one area of the brain can affect the rest of the organ.

Who are the Scientists?

A map showing many of the scientists working for the HBP and the disciplines they come from (many disciplines are similar to platforms the project is developing). The names are too small to read, but you can see the huge variety of background.

HBP Logo


HBP Paper

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    A research paper on the Human Brain Project explaining who they are and what they plan to do.

Overview of the HBP

Computer Power

Chart showing the amount of computing capabilites needed to make a computer with brain-like abilities. The computer will need to be have more than 100,000 times greater power than IBM's Watson.

Brain Connections

The tangled circuitry of the brain - the HBP aims to map the trillions of connections to better understand how they work and how they work together to help the brain function.

Brain Circuits