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Bachelors Degree | Mass Communications & Music Production

Media Courses

Here are some of the media-related courses that I took during my time as an undergraduate scholar at Old Dominion University: 

Comm 101R - Public Speaking 

Comm 103R - Voice and Diction

Comm 200S - Human Communications 

Comm 302 - Communication Research Methods 

Comm 401 - Communication Theory 

Comm 315W - Communication Between the Sexes 

Comm 308 - Public Relations Writing 

Comm 314 - Nonverbal Communication 

Comm 366 - Public Journalism in the Digital Age 

Comm 395 - Critical Commentary in Traditional/New Media 

Comm 445 - Analytical Communication and Criticism 

Comm 473 - Television and Society 

Comm 495 - The Music Industry 

Keynote Papers and Projects

Below you will find a strategically organized listing of keynote papers and presentations that I have produced over my academic career: 

Social Media

Social media is an area in which I flourish academically and professionally. Below please find a few papers and projects of which I have done throughout my academic matriculation: 

Media & Publication Analysis

Analyzing media relations is a vital component to broadcasting in the 21st century. I am committed to not only accessing American news but also reading news throughout the world. This allows me to broaden my perspective and heighten my knowledge on how current events and topical issues are being portrayed internationally. Below please find some news analysis projects that I have completed: 

Television, Music & Society | The Evolution of Media

While media has great benefits to the modern world, it too comes with much controversy. These documents are research assessments on media's influence through television, music, race relations, and social justice issues:

Communications & Research

Research is the key to learning and developing one's understanding in a particular field. Therefore, communications and research is an area in which I enjoy and have been able to apply professionally. Below please find a wide-range of projects that have a central focus on research, analysis, and theory: 


Spring 2016, I will embark upon the competition of my thesis. Below you will find my mini-thesis which is the working frame of what the full-thesis will offer. The title: Cracking the Code: Daytime Television Talk Shows, it is a poignant and didactic approach to the lack of presence of black men in daytime television, particularly, talk shows. 

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Master's Degree | Media , Communications, and Visual Arts

Media Courses

After obtaining my Bachelors from Old Dominion University in Mass Communications (with an emphasis in Public Media Relations) and Music Production (with an emphasis in Music Composition), I decided to attend Pace University to obtain my Master's in Media, Communication, and Visual Arts. Below are some of the relative courses in my field: 

Spring 2016: 

MCA 603 - Effective Speaking for Industry Professionals 

Fall 2015: 

MCA 601 - Industry Theory and Practice 

MCA 552 - Digital Video Field Production 

Spring 2015: 

MCA 610 - Communications Research 

MCA 620 - Media Relations 

Fall 2014:

MCA 602 - Writing for Organizations 

MCA 640 - International Communication 

Mini-Thesis Prezi Presentation

Daytime Talk Shows & Society Prezi Prezentation