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Jaye Da’Vaughn, born in Brooklyn, New York is an American singer, song-writer, producer, actor, author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. From an early age, Jaye Da’Vaughn has worked diligently to master each craft that he takes on thus building a brand, of which he continues to foster.

In late 2008, Jaye Da’Vaughn began a duet group entitled No Curfew. No Curfew trail blazed in the D.C. Metropolitan Area giving Jaye Da’Vaughn the strength to pursue further into his musical aspirations. In August of 2009, Jaye Da’Vaughn made a radical decision to venture off into his solo career. It is in that decision that he began to write and produce music of his own, and begin performing along the East Coast gaining support and interest in his craft.

While developing his solo career, Jaye Da’Vaughn made it his business to stay abreast of his other talents by becoming a multi-media figure based in the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Area. Jaye Da’Vaughn has been a key speaker and MC for signature events that include but do not limit: The Brotherhood Reception, (2009) of which President Broderick of Old Dominion University served as the keynote, Gospel Explosion, (2009, 2010, 2011) a multi-cultural Gospel showcase that has attracted more than 3,000 persons since its inception, and College Life Stage Production (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), of which has attracted more than 5,000 persons since its opening night in 2009.

Not only does Jaye Da’Vaughn serve as a notable speaker, but also served as the CEO and General Manager of WODU Studios (a full service media company: radio, TV, events, DJ Services, and production), in Norfolk, Virginia (2009-2013). It is there that he served over 11 executives and whopping 350 employees. Jaye Da’Vaughn is widely known for his event management, business etiquette, and astonishing leadership skills, of which have been awarded and noted at local, university, state and national levels.

On June 6, 2011, after great anticipation Jaye Da’Vaughn released his highly anticipated and first official solo single, “It’s Whatever” on digital media platforms. “It’s Whatever” gained great attention leading to Jaye Da’Vaughn’s second single, “Searching Forever,” which was said by supporters to have "a unique blend of Usher and Trey Songz." After great demand, on September 13, 2011, the Da’Vaughn camp released Jaye Da’Vaughn’s first solo album, Warranted Arrest, which has sold over 226,000 copies since its release. 

In August 2011, Jaye Da’Vaughn birthed his live band and background vocalists entitled, Defined Movement. Jaye Da’Vaughn and Defined Movement have performed together at hundreds of venues to include, fashion shows, block-parties, talent shows, lounges, and concerts. Jaye Da’Vaughn is a social-media guru having a following of over 36,207 persons collectively via popular sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Reverbnation.

Jaye Da’Vaughn continues to trail-blaze in media working at CBS Corporation, facilitating social media for popular stations such as BRAVO, WeTV, ABC Networks, and the Oprah Winfrey Network. Jaye Da’Vaughn is known as ‘The Pop-Culture Analyst,” doing LIVE featured interviews for the Huffington Post, music reviews, and live social media branding initiatives. Jaye Da’Vaughn will graduate from Pace University with his Master’s in Media, Communications and Visual Arts in May 2016.

Jaye Da'Vaughn produced a Fashion Show under his studio company, WODU Studios, this event was the Number 1 Trending Topic in the states of Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. for 5 hours and attracted over 2,500 attendees for a night of fashion. Check out a brief clip of the video below:

WODU Studios Fashion Show

Special thanks to WODU Studios, Old Dominion University, ODU Webb Center, WODU Studios, Norfolk State University, and all of the models, sponsors, designers, and contributors who made this event possible. 

Jaye Da'Vaughn served as the executive producer, co-director, and artist in his critically acclaimed music video, "Searching Forever."  See the full video below: 

"Searching Forever" | Music Video

Download the full Jaye Da'Vaughn album at: jayedavaughn.bandcamp.com

Da'Vaughn, Jaye. "Warranted Arrest," "Chameleon feat. One of A Kind," "Unstoppable," "Pay Day," "My Baggage," "Never Give Up," "Searching Forever," "All I Need," "Take The Cuffs Off," "Never Too Late," "I Believe In Me," "It's Whatever." Warranted Arrest. By Jaye Betancourt. Prod. Betancourt, Jaye; Bland, Fenton. Jaye Da'Vaughn Entertainment , 2011. http://jayedavaughn.bandcamp.com/

Searching Forever” Music Video. By Jaye Betancourt. Dir. Jason Anderson. Perf. Jaye Da'Vaughn. 2012. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvV0h9IStic.

Social Media Influence

Jaye Da'Vaughn is sought after for his critically acclaimed reviews on network television shows, music releases and reviews, op-ed articles, and a wide-variety of media related expertise. Below find a host of tweets and interactions between Jaye and celebrities from around the world: 

Modeling & Entertainment

Check out these photos of Jaye Da'Vaughn as featured in modeling print ads, live musical performances, speaking engagements, concerts, and advertisements: 

Television Network Influence

Jaye Da'vaughn has shared his experience and influence with networks including but not limited to: CBS Corporations, NBC, ABC Networks, WeTV, BRAVO, and The Oprah Winfrey Network. Take a look at some of his interactions with these networks along with popular talk showsThe View, The Chew, Dr. Oz, Meredith Vieira, and The Wendy Williams Show:

LIVE Stage Play Performance

Check out this chilling video of Jaye Da'Vaughn featured in the College Life Behind Closed Doors Live Stage Play. In this scene Jonathan (played by Jaye Da'Vaughn) breaks down about the stress of college life after the death of his parents. 

Special thanks to Old Dominion University, the ODU Webb Center, and all of the Sword of the Spirit Christian Student Ministries' partners. 

Creative Director

From the producer, Deborah Dukes, of “The #1 Player” comes this eye-opening drama about the world of “Church Wives” - love, relationships, scandalous behavior, redemption and more! "The Sinners' Choir" - Gossip, adultery, pride and pure evil... only God can save The Sinners' Choir.

Jaye Da'Vaughn served as the Creative Director for 2 LIVE Stage Plays produced by Deborah Dukes entitled "Church Wives" and "The Sinners' Choir." 

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