Access to Top Universities Task

Recently, there have been reports and studies that top universities are increasingly selecting a higher percentage of prospective applicants from wealthy families rather than low-come families to study at top universities.

You are on a committee that has the task of admitting students into the college. The president has asked you to write a report, in which you argue that top universities should or should not decrease its number of admitted students from lower-income families.

Click on the link to the article ( and read it. Then, make an outline. Do the outline in stages:

  1. Create questions (There is no such thing as too many questions.)
  2. Organize questions
  3. Research questions
  4. Add information and citations until the outline is complete.

Then, write the report from the outline. There is no minimum or maximum page length, but it should be long enough to support your opinion. It should be in MLA or APA format, whichever is more comfortable for you.

The best way to approach this assignment is to think about the arguments for both sides of this issue. You also must remember that you are in the position of making powerful decisions that affect the lives of many prospective college students from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Everything should be single spaced with the spacing of lines and paragraphs of 0 and 0 inches (just one hard return or hit of the space bar between paragraphs and headings. There should be no indenting.


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