MAR 321: Fundamentals of Advertising and Promotion

This folder contains three assignments that I completed for my Fundamentals of Advertsing and Promotion class.

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ENG 201: Stealth Marketing Group Presentation Write-Up

In our group presentation on Stealth Marketing, we began by describing what this phrase means and listed the various types of stealth marketing that are practiced by companies today. We continued by illustrating a specific example of stealth marketing, a campaign done by BlackBerry, taken from an article included in our listed sources. In this instance, BlackBerry basically hired attractive women to dress up and go out to bars armed with BlackBerry Pearls (Osterhout, 2010). Their intent was to flirt with guys, hand them their phones so they could type their phone numbers in, and to purposely not keep their promise to call them at a later date (Osterhout, 2010). The marketing aspect of this example was that the men would be exposed to the BlackBerry Pearl product, and that they would hopefully give feedback to the hired female actors without knowing that they were participating in this marketing scheme (Osterhout, 2010).

We went on to state our opinion that in this case, the stealth marketing technique was not ethically right because BlackBerry was taking advantage of these innocent men who were involuntarily thrown into their marketing ploy while being under the impression that they were getting a girl. We also discussed other examples of stealth marketing by numerous companies and presented the following question to our audience: Do you think that this is a clever way of marketing or is it deceptive? How would you feel if this was done to you? As we learned fro mthe class discussion, not only was this presentation an eye-opening experience for Jess Nelson, Iqra Mir and I but it was also a surprise to the rest of our classmates.


Osterhout, J. (19 April 2010). “Stealth marketing: When you're being pitched and you don't even know it!” Retrieved from


Stealth Marketing Group Project

Posted on 08 October 2012, 0:38

From the group project that we had to put together for English 201, I surprisingly learned a lot. When I was assigned with the topic of “Stealth Marketing” with my other group members, I honestly didn’t even know what that phrase meant. Then I read the Blackboard articles, researched additional information and discussed the topic with my group only to realize that this is something I SHOULD know about. Stealth marketing is a sneaky tactic that companies use to put their product out there or to receive feedback on their product without the consumer’s consent or full knowledge of the situation. I had never really thought about the possibility of this occurring before, but this project opened my eyes. I feel much more aware of this type of marketing and even feel a little more confident in my ability to point it out from the scenarios that we studied.

As for each group member’s part in the project, we each read the required articles and split the work needed to create the PowerPoint presentation evenly. Each person’s assigned part required the research of an additional source and multiple slides to be typed up. We consulted each other with any questions and ideas, truly working as a team. During the presentation we also split the slides among us based on who wrote what. Therefore, I believe that the work was both divided and completed equally among the three of us: (Jess Nelson, Iqra Mir and myself).

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ENG 201: End of Semester Portfolio

This folder contains the required documents for my English 201 End of Semester Portfolio.

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Herbal Essences Video

ENG 201: Midterm Portfolio

This folder contains the documents that complete my English 201 Midterm Portfolio.

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Course Listing

Spring 2015:
SPA 102Elementary College Spanish II
JRN 300The Digital Newsroom
MAR 348Advertising Team Wrkshp II
MGT 355Mgt Scnce & Prdct Mgt Concepts
MAR 499Advanced Marketing Management

Fall 2014:
JRN 101Introduction to News Media
SPA 101Elementary College Spanish I
ENV 296YTopic: Food Revolution
MAR 346Advertising Team Workshop I
MGT 490Business Strategy
MAR 495Bus Hnrs Prgrm Snr Ths in Mar

Spring 2014:
JRN 204Radio & Television NewsWriting
MGT 250Mngrl & Orgnztnl Concepts
FIN 260Financial Management
MAR 321Fndmntls of Advrtsng & Prmtn
MAR 345Media Planning and Buying
HON 499Snr Smnr in Rsrch Mthds

Spring 2013:
JRN 104News Reporting
COM 200Public Speaking
ACC 204Managerial Accounting
PSY 233Psychology of Civic Engagement
MAR 322Marketing Research

Fall 2012:
CIS 101Computers and The Environment
SCI 160Meteorology
ENG 201Writing in the Disciplines
ACC 203Financial Accounting
MAR 250Principles of Marketing

Spring 2012:
RES 101Intro to the Study of Religion
ECO 106Principles of Economics: Micro
MAT 117Elementary Statistics
BUS 150Contemporary Business Practice
INT 197GRome: The Eternal City -Travel
RES 202Eastern Religious Thought
RES 240World Rlgn & Ntrl Envrmnt

Fall 2011:
LAW 101Business Law I
UNV 101First-Year Smnr Unvrsty Cmmnty
MAT 104Finite Mathematics
ECO 105Principles of Economics: Macro
ENG 120Critical Writing
PHI 121Ethics in the Workplace

End of Semester Portfolio for English 120 - Critical Writing

Folder contents:

  • Reflective Essay
    This is the reflective essay for my End of Semester Portfolio. In this essay, I explain the assignments that I have included in my portfolio and reflect upon my learning experiences in English 120.
  • Revised Annotated Bibliography
    This is the revised version of my annotated bibliography for the reseach paper assignment that I completed for English 120. It thoroughly explains what each source was used for in the paper.
  • Revised Homework Assignment # 9
    This is one of my revised homework assignments, which I believe stands as an example of my improved writing skills as a result of completing English 120.
  • Revised Homework Assignment # 10
    This is one of my revised homework assignments, which I believe stands as an example of my improved writing skills as a result of completing English 120.
  • Revised Homework Assignment # 11
    This is one of my revised homework assignments, which I believe stands as an example of my improved writing skills as a result of completing English 120.
  • Revised Research Paper - Animal Testing
    This is my revised research paper for English 120. I argued in this paper that animal testing for cosmetic use should not continue when various alternatives exist. It is concluded with a Works Cited page.
  • Revised Writing Assignment # 3
    This is my revised Writing Assignment # 3. This assignment critiques the essay written by Phillip Carter and Paul Glastris, titled "The Case for the Draft." In this paper, I argue in opposition of their proposal of a 21st century draft. This assignment is concluded with a Works Cited page.

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