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I currently serve as Assistant University Librarian for Instructional Services at Pace University. I have also served as adjunct instructor in the Palmer School of Library & Information Science, Long Island University. I manage and teach in the Pace Library’s Information Literacy Instruction programs. I co-chair the Library Web Team, serve as “embedded librarian” in a variety of Blackboard course shells, and lead workshops for faculty on topics in technology, including the use of RSS feeds and Journal Alerts from research databases. I was part of the Presidential Learning Assessment Grant ePortfolio team in 2003 and I continue to serve on the ePortfolio Advisory Board. I use Camtasia to create online instructional videos, and recently recorded the Library’s first audio walking tour. I serve on numerous faculty development teams and serve as an advocate for building a culture of assessment at Pace. I earned my BA in English from SUNY Geneseo, my MA in Theology and Religious Studies from Villanova University, and my Masters in Library Science from SUNY Albany.


  • Beth Gordon, Jim Stenerson and I co-convened one of the 2014 Summer Seminars at the NYU Faculty Resource Network's summer program, "Multiple Dimensions of Blended Learning."
  • The work we have been doing for three years in the Connect to Learning ePortfolio Program has come to fruition! Read more in this short piece from Pace University's Faculty & Staff Newsletter, Opportunitas.
  • In June 2012 I again co-convened (with Beth Gordon Klingner and Jim Stenerson) one of the NYU Faculty Resource Network's Summer Seminars, "Interactive Technologies for Teaching and Learning."
  • In July, 2011 I co-presented a session at the AAEEBL ePortfolio World Summit in Boston, MA, "ePortfolios & Faculty Development: Charting the Impact on Teaching, Learning & Campus Culture" with Beth Gordon Klingner, Linda Anstendig, Jim Stenerson and Samantha Egan.
  • In June, 2011 I co-convened (with Beth Gordon Klinger and Jim Stenerson) one of the NYU Faculty Resource Network Summer Seminars, "New Technologies for Teaching and Learning."
  • In Fall 2010 I became part of a campus team (along with Linda Anstendig, Beth Gordon Klingner and Jim Stenerson) that was awarded a grant: "Connect to Learning: ePortfolio, Engagement, and Student Success." Connect to Learning (C2L) is led by the Making Connections National Resource Center of LaGuardia Community College (CUNY), in collaboration with the Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL), with funding from The Fund for Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE), an agency of the US Department of Education. 


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