2012 Send Off Speech for New York Needs You at Goldman Sach
2012 Send Off Speech for New York Needs You at Goldman Sach
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Academic and professional Goals (Details)

Academic Goals for 2012 - 2013

  1. Maintain current GPA of 3.9
  2. Increase written communication skills
  3. Take the LSAT in October with Accomodations 
  4. Reserach Law Schools 
  5. Double Major in American Studies 

Professional Goals 2012 - 2013

  1. Recieve a Fulbright to Kenya 
  2. Have a Sucessful year with the New York Needs You Fellow Alumni Council 
  3. Find an internship outside my feilf of interest to take for credit in the Spring
  4. Attend seminars for "life after college"

Personal Goals for 2012 - 2013

  1. Run a 5K once completely healed from surgery!
  2. Learn what the world relax means 

Determined | Knowledegable | Community Builder | Creative | Optimistic

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Name: Breanna Romaine-Guiliano

Class: 2013

Interests: Trains, Running, Drawing, Sims 3, and Playing the Violin


The Girl Who Will Save the World (Details)

My name is Breanna Romaine-Guiliano and I am currently a Seniot at Pace Univeristy. I am a proud member of the Pforzheimer Honors College and Dyson College  majoring in Political Science with a minors in Criminal Justice, Peace and Justice Studies and Sociology/Anthropology. At Pace, I am a member of various organizations including Executive Vice President of the Student Government Association, Past Executive Parlimentarian and Past Executive President of the Lambda Sigma Honor Society. In the summer of 2011 I worked as an Intern for GOAL USA, as a Student Assistant for the Pace University Womens and Gender Studies Department, and as a Reserach Assistant for the Transcription Project of 9/11 Stories in the Undergraduate Reserach Center. For the summer of 2012 I will be studying ethnics of human rights on semester at see, interning at Skadden Arps, and taking LSAT classes. 

This past year I have competed with the Pace MUN team in D.C. and NYC. I also worked to create and chair the GOAL USA New York City, contributed an article to Pace Press and was elected as President of the New York Needs You Alumni Fellowship Council.  

Student Chair 9/11 Memorial Speech

Bill Offutt and I at the Pforzheimer Honors College Senior Send Off
Bill Offutt and I at the Pforzheimer Honors College Senior Send Off
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Personal Statements

Corse Values Essay.pdf

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A Narrative of a Personal Leadership Experience
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Image (Details)

Check out my semester at sea page to see more photos and my journal about my travels in Latin America!
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