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Formation in the history of philosophy and ethics.

Earliest work used Deleuze, Bataille, and Nietzsche to explore conceptions of selfhood built on a metaphysics of difference (Deleuze) and excess (Bataille), and capable of isolated experiences.

Subsequent work conceived philosophy after French Nietzscheanism as decadent in this way: the value of any philosophical claim is measured only by how vigorously it provokes the next round of thought: philosophical understandings exist exclusively to catalyze more philosophizing. As applied to personal identity, the theory incarnates as the imperative to be someone only to become someone else.

Current work engages the human dilemmas of artificial intelligence, especially intersecting with privacy, authenticity, freedom, and personal identity. The theoretical claim is that AI is rupturing the Kierkegaard – Heidegger tradition of uniting authenticity and personal freedom: the applications of big data and predictive analytics increasingly force us to choose between them.


CV / Resume

James Brusseau
50 Pine Street, Apt 8N
New York, NY 10005

Pace University, NYC
Philosophy Department
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New York, NY 10038



History of Philosophy/Ethics, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, AI & Business Ethics



Pace University, New York City, Philosophy, 2010-

California State University, Los Angeles, Philosophy, 2005-08

Mexican National University, Mexico City, Philosophy and Comparative Literature, 1994-2004.

Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D., Philosophy, 1993.

Université de Nice, France, 1991.

Vassar College, B.A., philosophy, 1987.


Books Philosophy, Philosophy and Ethics

Decadence of the French Nietzsche, Rowman and Littlefield, 2006: Full text.

Isolated Experiences: Gilles Deleuze and the Solitudes of Reversed Platonism, State University of New York, 1997: Full text.

Dignity, Pleasures, Vulgarity: Philosophy and Animal Rights, Overflow, 2017

Ethics Workshop (Textbook, Eds 1,2), Boston Academic Publishing/FWK, 2015 -18

Business Ethics Workshop (Textbook, Eds 1,2,3), Boston Academic Publishing/FWK, 2011-18


Published and Conference Papers, Book Chapters, Selected

AI Human Impact: Toward a Model for Ethical Investing in AI-Intensive Companies, 2021, Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment, Version of Record. PrePrint Full text.

What a Philosopher Learned at an AI Ethics Evaluation, 2020, AI Ethics Journal 2020, 1(1)-4. DOI:10.47289/AIEJ20201214. Full text.

AI ethics as an Investment Strategy, 2020, Global Big Data Conference, Virtual. Deck.

Euphoria Convenience, 2020, Data Science Salon, Virtual. Full talk.

How to put AI ethics into practice? AI Human Impact 2020, Vlog at AI Policy Exchange, National Law School of India University, Bangalore.

Deleuze’s Postscript on the Societies of Control Updated for Big Data and Predictive Analytics, 2020, Theoria 67 (164):1-25. Full text.

Is no privacy the best AI privacy policy? 2020, AI Policy Exchange, June 26. National Law School of India University, Bangalore. Full text.

Why the Privacy Company is the Most Important Business You've Never Heard Of, 2019, Informa AI Summit, New York City.

What is Big Data Vandalism? 2019, Global AI in Boston, Conference: Full Talk, Deck.

Against XAI, 2019, Ai4 Finance, Conference, New York City: Full Talk, Deck.

Ethics of Disintegrating Identity in the Time of Big Data, 2019, Society for Business Ethics Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts: Full Talk, Deck.

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Inside the Big Data Experience Machine, 2019, Ai4 R Conference, New York City: Full Talk, Deck.

Ethics of Identity in the Time of Big Data, First Monday, Vol. 24, No 5 – 6, University of Illinois at Chicago: May 2019. Full text.

Ethics as Curiosity, 2019, Keynote Address, Bet Alpha Psi Business Honors, Lubin College, Pace University, New York City.

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How Much Writing is Enough? 2014, Derrida Today Conference, Fordham University, New York City: Full text.

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Thinking Truth and Decadence, 2010, 43nd Meeting North Texas Philosophical Association, Dallas, TX.

What is decadence in philosophy? How does it come between Rorty and Deleuze? 2009, 42nd Meeting North Texas Philosophical Association, Dallas, TX. Full text.

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Conference Panels and Media Interviews

How Do You Build an Ethical, AI-Augmented Organisation That People Want to Work For? 2020, AI Summit Silicon Valley, CA: Video.

Coming Apart: How we became one nation divided by content, and what we can do about it, Panelist
2019, AI Summit New York, New York

Algorithmic Bias and Risk, Panelist
2019, Chief Data & Analytics Officers Meeting, Boston

Assessing Privacy & Regulation in AI Development & Deployment in Insurance, Panelist and Moderator
AI in Insurance Summit/ReWork - NYC, 2019: Video.

Dignity, Pleasures Vulgarity interview
“James Brusseau on Animal Rights,” Animal Instinct on Heritage Radio Network, March 13, 2017.

Corporate malfeasance interview
“Insight: Why even the best companies commit systematic fraud (Indsigt: Derfor begår selv de bedste virksomheder systematisk svindel),” Jyllands-Posten (Denmark), May 12, 2016 (Finans).

Wealth inequality interview
“James Brusseau on Inequality & Philosophy.” Hopping Mad on Netroots Radio, June 9, 2016.

Wealth inequality interview
“089: James Brusseau on Wealth Inequality and the Accursed Share.” Economic Rockstar, June 9, 2016.

Wealth inequality interview
“Philosophy of Wealth Inequality.” Chuck Morse, Blog Talk Radio, June 1, 2016.

Empire of Humiliation interview
Jeff Farias Radio Show


Media Production

Wealth Inequality documentary

Wealth Inequality Workshop

Surveillance Camera Man and the Ethics of Public Filming documentary

Case Studies in Ethics and Business Ethics

Corporate Social Responsibility Handbook


Graduate Dissertations, Director/Committee Member

Moises del Pino Pena, Ph.D., Philosophy, Mexican National University, Simulacros de la existencia: hacia una ontopoetica de la ficcion literaria, Committee Member, 2002.

Alicia Montemayor, M.A., Philosophy, Mexican National University, De poemas mudos y pinturas parlantes: sobre el discurso pictorico en la Grecia del periodo clasico, Co-Director, 2001.