Words to live by

"Everyone has a live to live, love to give, and a gift to share. Our personal gifts, our own talents, qualities, and capacities often go overlooked by those around us and even by ourselves. Never let your limitations, your disadvantages, or your adversities hold you back. Believe in yourself, look to the stars, and follow your dreams."  ~Lindsey Stirling

Who am I?


Personal Goals

  • To pick myself up again no matter how many times I fall, and embrace the experience as one that made me a better person and taught a important lesson
  • To utitlize my skills, knowledge and passions to serve the community in a volunteer capacity 
  • To evaluate the risk-reward balance in my life and look for opportunities to engage in healthy risk taking

Professional Goals

  • To get involved with a professional organization within the financial services industry
  • To actively seek out internship opportunites and participate in at least three different interships during my time in college
  • To graduate from college with a job offer within the field of finance

Rachel Douty's portfolios