Chiara Travia's portfolios

Pace Unviversity- March Madness Promo Video

"Behind the Video"

This Video was created by Michael DeRario, but I assisted with him as a "Production Assistant". He created this video in creating awareness about an upcoming Women's Basketball game, called "Pink Zone."

Master’s in Homeland Security Program Promo Video

"Behind the Video"

This Video was created the second semester of my Graduate Program for my " Industrial Media Production" class taught by Dr. Maria Luskay. Throughout class, we discussed topics that we applied to our video. Pace University launched a new graduate program called MA in Management for Public Safety and Homeland Security Professionals. I worked with three other classmates, Emily Tuczinski, Caity Kirschbaum, and Annette Courniotes; together we all did the pre- production, production, and post production for this video since Pace was our client.

The Pace Experience

"Behind the Video"

This Video was created for the President of Pace University in regards to promoting and sharing what Pace really offers to our students as well as what it can offer to prospective students. I worked along with peers in the production process.

Social Media: Redefining Communication

"Behind the Video"

This Video was created during my junior year as an Undergraduate at Pace for a class called, " Producing The Documentary" taught by Dr. Maria Luskay. As a class we were responsible in finding interviews, current topics that relate to social media and how different generations view it. I assisted in the pre-production, production, and post- production of this video.