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Pforzheimer Honors College

I was accepted into the honors college after completing my freshman year here at Pace University. I started taking honors courses Fall 2012 and have been an active member since then. The honors college holds several events each semester and has just created its first eBoard, student government. I hold a position on the student eBoard of the honors college as the treasurer. EBoard is currently coming up with ideas on how to raise money for the honors college, which will allow us to hold more events in upcoming semesters for student members. Since I've been apart of the honors college, I've also been accepted and apart of the Business Honors Program at Pace University, and am currently starting the process on writing my college thesis.

Volunteer Description

During the fall of my sophomore year at Pace, I volunteered at the Carver Center in Port Chester, New York. During my 120 volunteer hours, I helped children, who had difficulty reading and understanding English, complete their homework. I catered to the needs and wants of the children and supervised during activities and dinner. I was also a volunteer coach of a Pop Warner Eastchester Blue Devils cheerleading team during the two summers of my freshman and sophomore year. The pictures above are from my volunteer experience!