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Hello, my name is Emily Wolfrum. I am currently a junior communications major and religious studies minor.

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In my experience, college has the tendency of moving at a constant, rapid pace (no pun intended), especially as you become more involved and active. Before you know it, you’ve completed an entire year with nothing but a GPA, a large Starbucks bill, and a few too many empty pizza boxes to show for it. As a student who is about to complete their sophomore year and looking at an early graduation next spring, I realized that having just a college diploma wasn’t going to cut it. A piece of paper could never adequately describe all of the contributions I had made during my college career, nor would a resume allow me to elaborate on the hard work I’d done. And, that’s where ePortfolio came in.

As I continue to expand on my achievements, ePortfolio will seamlessly expand with me, infinitely storing and expressing all that I have done. So, while I may not remember what award I won freshman year, ePortfolio will. You never know where life will take you or what life experiences will enhance your career, so having them all in one professional, online space is such an asset. As students, we are all trying to be dynamic and stand out in the professional world, so why not show it off? ePortfolio has allowed me a modern and user-friendly method of attracting people within my community and within the work field. 

As both a personal record of what I've done and a professional resource of my accomplishments, ePortfolio has combined the marketability of a working resume with the versatility of a modern social media site. I anticipate that as I continue to grow and develop professionally at Pace University that ePortfolio will be a part of the journey, effectively documenting what a simple diploma or resume cannot.

Organizational Roles

Barnes & Noble - Bookseller

Summer 2013

The Pace Chronicle - Layout Editor

September 2013 - May 2014

The Pace Chronicle - Editor in Chief

September 2014

Pforzheimer Honors College

Fall 2012

Lambda Sigma

Fall 2012

Pace Drama Alliance

Spring 2014


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