Course Listing

Fall 2015:
MCA 393Internship Program I

Spring 2015:
HW 105Yoga
HW 106Hiking
MCA 112Fundamentals of Communication
RES 202Eastern Religious Thought
MCA 264Public Relations Research
JRN 300The Digital Newsroom
MCA 490Lighting: The Craft of Cinema

Fall 2014:
MCA 180Intro to Public Relations
MCA 209Understanding the Mass Media
MCA 227Writing for the Print Media
MCA 340Writing for Advertising
MCA 499QSem: Investigative Journalism

Spring 2014:
RES 101Intro to the Study of Religion
ITA 102Elementary College Italian II
HIS 134Modern Latin America
INT 197GRome: The Eternal City -Travel
MCA 226Writing for Electronic Media
RES 232The Bible: Chrstn Scriptures
PSY 233Psychology of Civic Engagement

Fall 2013:
ITA 101Elementary College Italian I
ENG 201Writing in the Disciplines
LIT 211ZWorld Mythologies
WS 268Men and Masculinities
LIT 296BTopic: Great Britain

Spring 2013:
JRN 102History of Journalism
ENV 130The Naturalists
COM 200Public Speaking
JRN 203Feature Writing
RES 242The Divine Comedy of Dante
WS 285Queer Cinema

Fall 2012:
CIS 101Introduction to Computing
UNV 101First-Year Smnr Unvrsty Cmmnty
SOC 102Introduction to Sociology
JRN 104News Reporting
PHI 110Philosophical Problems
PSY 112Introduction to Psychology

Honors College Courses

PHI 110 Introduction to Philosophy

PSY 112 Introduction to Psychology

CIS 101 Introduction to Computing

LIT 296B Topic: Great Britain

COM 200 Public Speaking

RES 242 The Divine Comedy

RES 232 The New Testament: Biblical Scriptures

HIS 134 Modern Latin American History

PSY 233 Psychology of Civic Engagement

Writing Enhanced Courses

LIT 211Z World Mythologies

LIT 296B Topic: Great Britain

WS 268 Men and Masculinities

Advanced Placement Courses

AP Language and Composition

AP United States History

AP Chemistry

AP Literature

AP European History

AP Statistics

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