Writing Enhanced Courses

Writing enhanced courses incorporate more writing and research elements into a standard course, giving students better insight into course material. These courses help to develop critical, analytical, research, and writing skills for more student success in the professional arena.

My Writing Enhanced Courses:

Psychology of Positivity and Happiness (PSY 240) - Spring 2016

Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (WS 115) - Spring 2015

Social Psychology (PSY 240) - Spring 2015

Religions of the Globe (RES 106) - Fall 2015

Introduction to Psychology (PSY 112) - Spring 2013

Learning Community: Public Speaking (COM 200) and Environmental Studies (ENV 105) - Fall 2012

Fundamentals of Advertising and Promotion

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Course Listing

Spring 2016:
ENG 223Creative Writing
MCA 227Writing for the Print Media
PSY 240Positive Psychology/Happiness
MAR 348Ad Team II - The Brand Pitch

Fall 2015:
HIS 111American Civilization to 1877
SOC 215Sociology of the Family
PSY 257Sports Psychology
WS 266Gender, Race and Class
MAR 346Ad Team I - Brand Engagement
MAR 356Intl Marketing Field Study

Spring 2015:
WS 115Intro to Women's & Gender St
PSY 277Evolutionary Psychology
PSY 304Social Psychology
MAR 322Marketing Research
PSY 381Experimental Psychology II

Fall 2014:
RES 106Religions of the Globe
PSY 215Psych of Cultural Diversity
PSY 243Applied Social Psychology
MAR 321Fndmntls of Advrtsng & Prmtn
PSY 380Experimental Psychology I

Spring 2014:
SPA 102Elementary College Spanish II
ENG 201Writing in the Disciplines
PSY 205Stats in Psych & Allied Fields
PSY 227Psychology of Women
PSY 258Forensic Psychology
MAR 323Consumer Behavior

Fall 2013:
SPA 101Elementary College Spanish I
SCI 150Astronomy
MAR 250Principles of Marketing
PSY 307Psychology Of Personality
PSY 375Lifespan Dvlpmnt Psychology

Spring 2013:
MAT 104Finite Mathematics
HW 105Yoga
PSY 112Introduction to Psychology
ART 133Ceramics I
PJS 296BWmn Actvsts for Peace & Jstc
ENG 302Composition Theory & Practice

Fall 2012:
CIS 101Urban Environment
UNV 101First-Year Smnr Unvrsty Cmmnty
SOC 102Introduction to Sociology
ECO 105Principles of Economics: Macro
INT 197XAExploring Our Environment - LC


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