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Hello everyone,

My name is Junlei Cai. Nice to be classmates and friends with you all! You can call me Ray, since it's easier^.^ I have two bachelor degrees. One I got from my Chinese univeristy is Broadcasting and Hosting. Another one is Communication studies, which I got from Oklahoma Christian Univeristy. My hometown is Xi'an-the capital city of Shaanxi province. But I already have lived in United States for five years. I know it's a long time. 

This is my second semester of this program. Last semester, I spent the wonderful time here and gained lots of percious and unforgettable memories. This semester, I wish I can continue my pleasant time with you guys. 

I love fashion! I often spent lots of money and energy on it. That's why I told my friends that my first hobby is shopping. It will nenver change. So I wish I could find a job in a high-end fashion company after I graduate. I can be an event palnner, or a advertisement designer. Who knows? The only certain thing is that my job should relates to fashion field closely. 

Thank you for knowing me. 

  • First name: Junlei
  • Last name: Cai
  • Student ID: U01183204
  • Display name: Ray
  • Email address: jc59282p@pace.edu
  • Postal address: Apt 15A, 260 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019, United States
  • Town: Manhattan
  • City/region: New York city
  • Country: United States
  • Mobile phone: (929)465-2959
  • Occupation: Grad student
  • Industry: Communication and Media

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Pace University, Pleasantville, NY                                                   January 2016...


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VOLUNTEER WORK EXPERIENCES Xi’an Forest of Steles Museum (Beilin Museum)                      ...
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My Reflection

To be honest, it is my first time to know how to create an E-portfolio for myself. Before I start it, I got a lot of stress for doing it, since I never heard this project before and I thought is must be pretty complicated for me. However, I have gradually changed my mind after I created it. It feels like a platform for me to introduce myself to others and show all my works and projects I have done before. So I have to say it is necessary for each of us to create an E-portfilo. It not only can give us the opportunity to show ourselves, also can benefit our future careers. So I definitely believe it will help me in my career.

E-portfilo also is a great tool for me to collect all my works. Before I adapt it, I could not remember how many works I have accomplished if somebody asked me about my projects or works for previous courses. This time, I won't. I have this platform to show all my works to others. And I found it is very convenient to use. You can add something to it anytime. And for each section, there is a brief description for us to know what should we put in and how should we use it. We can upload any types of works here, such as image, video, PDF, word, social media account and so on. So it allows us to make the content of our E-portfilo attractive and interesting. I really want to say it is very enjoyable for me to create this project. I did not feel any stress at all when I creating it.

It was my first time to create an E-portfolio. But I created a portfolio three years ago when I graduated from my undergrad school. Compare with that one, I do think E-portfoilio is more convenient to use. I do not need any paper works or documents, so I do not need to worry about what should I do if lost something. For E-portfolio, all my works are stored in it. I will keep uploading my works and projects to my E-portfolio and building it as much as possible.