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All my life I have grown up participating in many clubs and organizations and staying active.


Diana Mendez Sociology/ Business Management
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Basic Information

Name: Diana Mendez

Hometown: Queens, NY

Major: International Management in Latin America/Economics and Sociology

About Me

For starters my name is Diana Mendez. I grew up in Jackson Heights, Queens. It is a place where it reeks of Spanish culture. I take my culture with me everywhere and cherish my Hispanic roots.  My parents came to this in their 20’s and worked hard to make a living. I gain plenty of my motivation and determination from my family. I am currently a sophomore at Pace University. My interest’s ranges from sports to reading to being extra tidy and organized. I have participated in many sports teams growing up. I enjoy working together and communicating with peers. I believe that sports can help one learn other skills and interaction. My favorite book is “the Outsiders” by S.E Hinton.  Books bring me peace and distract me from the world. I also try to read complex books to improve my vocabulary. Everything in my life is completely clean and organized. I actually become less stressed as I clean my room or organize my class notes. It gives me a peace of mind to know everything is in place. I have many goals that I fully intend to succeed in.  My goals involve in helping people with struggles that stop them from being happy.