One Dream One Korea Rally

International Young Leaders Assembly

This 10-day program took place in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, PA, and New York City, NY. I was the Pace University delegate that attended on behalf of the university. It is through IYLA I met over fifty international individuals where we bonded, shared stories and learned about one another's cultures. IYLA is a leadership development organization that empowers youth, enforces the belief that we are present day leaders, we are making changes, and that vision, service, and entrepreneurship are the foundations of moral and innovative leadership. During this program I visited and spoke at the US Capitol, the United Nations, we feasted at the Embassy of Malaysia, and listened to panels at the World Bank, the State Department, and the list really is endless. It was a once in lifetime experience that inspired and empowered me, and an opportunity I continue to share with my fellow peers.


Pace Lab School-Volunteer

Assisted young adults with vocational and social disabilities.


Pace Makes A Difference Day

Volunteer at a local library, assisted with preparation for their annual book fair. 


Meals on Wheels-Volunteer

Prepared, cooked, and packaged meals for the elderly.

On-Campus Jobs

Student Teaching Assistant

Course: Keys to Global Peace


Mail Room-Student Employee

Pleasantville Campus

Setters Leadership & Service House


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