by Stephanie Moody

In July of 2009, I took a trip to Mae Sariang, Thailand with a crew of 8 other individuals. We spent several weeks in the hill country getting to know the locals and teaching an English camp at the village school. 

Our trip was certainly blessed. There were several “mini-miracles” that allowed everything to run smoothly!

While I knew that the village was going to be rural, I hardly expected what I saw. Mae Sariang is a very small village set up high in the mountains, three hours from the major city of Chiang Mai. I have never seen that level of poverty before and it helped me to realize just how blessed I am.

While at the school, I was placed with the kindergarten children. I had a class of about eight smiling faces. Although there was a language barrier, I was able to show each child love and dedication. While it was difficult to build relationships without the use of language, by the end of the week I had fallen in love with each of these beautiful children and we had them hanging all over us!

Thanks to everyone for all of your support, I owe it's success to you!