Keep trying no matter how hard it seems. 

Seize everyday.


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About me

Hello, welcome to my eProfile!

My name is Jing Ning and I’m from China. I’m a graduate student at Pace University, majoring in Media and Communication Arts. Thank you for visiting. IF you have any suggestions for my page, please let me know.

  • First name: Jing
  • Last name: Ning
  • Email address:
  • Country: United States

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Your "Goals" section tells the viewer/reader how dedicated of a person you are.  Without even looking at any of your other pages, I knew already how hard working of a person you were.

Your "Days in the US" page caught my attention. Especially all of the nice pictures of food!

This is a pretty nice page. Although it should be noted that the social media links don't go to your profile but to the homepages of each of those websites. Other than that, though, I like this page.

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