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Goals for the 2013-2014 school year:

1) Get a 3.80 GPA.

2) Complete the career services workshop.

3) Apply to internships and hopefully receive one for Summer 2014.

4) Receive a "little" sister for my sorority in the spring semester who I can mentor and help succeed in school and the sorority.

5) Begin to study for the GMAT's.

6) Get accepted for the Business Writing Course.


Overall Reflections

My ePortfolio will reflect all that I have accomplished at Pace University. So far my ePortfolio page demonstrates all I have accomplished thus far at this University. I still have three years left at Pace, being that I am in a 5-year program, so I hope to be able to gain even more valuable experiences that I can share and update as the years go on. So far, I have included my academic achievements, my extracurricular activities and organizations I belong to, a paper I have written for the honors college, my short-term goals throughout this semester, my courses that relate to my field of study, and my resume. To me, this is such a neat opportunity to watch my growth and be able to use this as a blog where I can update everything I do at Pace and watch my personal life as well as my professional life grow over these 5 years. I hope that over the next few years I can add more of my experiences, as well as my achievements here at Pace University. I plan to update this page with different leadership positions and internships that I take on during my time here. I want this page to be reflective of myself as a student here at Pace and I want to be able share my experiences with the students of my University 101 classes so they can see how great it is when you take full advantage of everything Pace University has to offer.