Kristina Grimmer's portfolios

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Major Courses

ACC 204 Managerial Accounting
FIN 260 Financial Management
MGT 353 Adv Data Anlys for Bus Dcsns
ACC 203 Financial Accounting
MGT 250 Mngrl & Orgnztnl Concepts
LAW 101 Business Law I
ECO 105 Principles of Economics: Macro
ECO 106 Principles of Economics: Micro
BUS 150 Contemporary Business Practice

Course Listing

Fall 2016:
TAX 315Federal Tax Practice
ACC 366Forensic Accounting
MGT 490Business Strategy
ACC 495Bus Hnrs Prgrm Snr Ths in Acc

Spring 2016:
ACC 040BCPA Review - AUD
TAX 313Federal Corporate Taxation
ACC 333Advanced Accounting
TAX 394Taxation Internship
ACC 462Auditing II

Fall 2015:
ACC 203Financial Accounting
TAX 311Federal Income Taxation II
MGT 355Mgt Scnce & Prdct Mgt Concepts
MGT 357Project Mgmt for Business
ACC 461Auditing I
HON 499Snr Smnr in Rsrch Mthds

Spring 2015:
WS 115Intro to Women's & Gender St
ACC 302Intermediate Accounting II
TAX 310Federal Income Taxation I
LAW 360Advanced Business Law
ACC 375Accounting Information Systems

Fall 2014:
LIT 211DThe Individual and Society
MAR 250Principles of Marketing
ACC 301Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 319Cost Accounting
FIN 320Corporate Finance

Spring 2014:
CIS 102WWeb Dsgn for Non-Profit Org
SCI 170Oceanography
ACC 204Managerial Accounting
FIN 260Financial Management
MGT 353Adv Data Anlys for Bus Dcsns

Fall 2013:
ANT 101Introduction to Anthropology
COM 200Public Speaking
ENG 201Writing in the Disciplines
ACC 203Financial Accounting
MGT 250Mngrl & Orgnztnl Concepts

Spring 2013:
CIS 101Introduction to Computing
LAW 101Business Law I
SOC 102Introduction to Sociology
ECO 105Principles of Economics: Macro
MAT 117Elementary Statistics

Fall 2012:
UNV 101First-Year Smnr Unvrsty Cmmnty
MAT 104Finite Mathematics
ECO 106Principles of Economics: Micro
BUS 150Contemporary Business Practice
LAS 150Mdrn Ltn Amrcn Dvs - LC

Writing Enhanced Courses

CIS 102W- Web Design for Non-Profit Organizations