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Teaching and Tutoring Philosophies


Teaching is an art form where the professor and the students must work together.

His teaching method is designed to help students brainstorm more thoroughly and envision the entire text in outline form before putting anything in paragraph form. Although it takes longer to put anything in paragraph form, there is a clear focus right from the start, which actually speeds up the whole writing process. Audience and outlines are the main focus. These two things are stressed more than anything else throughout the entire writing process.

With a background in the sciences and education, his teaching method follows the scientific method and is carefully scaffolded to build the skills necessary to write and proofread all types of assignments. 

All assignments are centered around current events and social media. Personal branding and branding for companies makes up the focus for everything, which all leads to the ePortfolio.


Steve Bookman’s tutoring philosophy is using a combination of educational theories and students’ background information to create individualized sessions built around their strengths and weaknesses. It is more important to treat the problem than the symptom. Therefore, starting with the most basic skills, which is usually the problem itself, is the best approach.