Even something as simple as an email, can brighten up your day...

"Get Happy"

Above is an email sent to me from my boss/mentor at MeritDirect. This was after a Team Building meeting we had. It made me realize that my input is far more important than I give myself credit for. I put it right in a "Get Happy" folder in my email. Now, every time someone gives me a compliment at work, I put it in that folder. It helps when you're having a bad day to look back at the great things you've accomplished & the positive feedback you have recieved from people.

Retweets are the best!

Below is picture I posted on my Twitter account with a co-worker. It was at MeritDirect's Annual Christmas party this December 2013. One fo the partners of MeritDirect, Dee Bloohm, retweeted my post as well as the HR Director, Dawn Hirsch. What a great feeling that was!

Text box

Above is the first press release I wrote for MeritDirect, which was approved & published on their website. It was a big accomplishment for me because it was my first published writing piece & I did it all on my own. When I submitted it for review, I received a lot of good feedback.

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