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Posted on 18 February 2013, 11:33
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A current event which I found to be very significant in regard to the social media world and particularly this class, is talk about a new app for the Iphone called Tempo. Tempo, referred to as "Siri's contextual sister," is the first app that looks for content from your calendars, emai, contacts, and even social networks to build a new kind of calendar; one that brings you important things you may want to know or may forget to enter. There are several reasons as to why this app is a step in the right direction and can make life for the average Iphone customer a lot easier, despite its predicted billion dollar cost (as opposed to the 220 million it cost for Apple to buy Siri). Why will it cost so much? Because Apple wants to keep it away from Google and more importantly Mark Zuckerberg.

Attached is a video of the founder of Tempo, Raj Singh, explaining its uses and how he came up with Tempo in order to make his life and everybody else's life a lot easier.

Just an extra note: Tempo is believed to be the "product of the year."

(Picture of what the Tempo app  looks like on your Iphone)


Posted on 12 February 2013, 9:57
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"When Social Media & Romance Mix, It's Complicated"  

Attached is a link to an article/podcast from NPR news which I found to be extremely interesting and relevant to today's always-advancing world of technology as well as its effect on real-life relationships. This podcast emphasizes the point that social media was created in order to bring people closer together. However, sadly, it has done the exact opposite.

This you will learn from Psychologist Edward Hallowell, who says that he deals frequently with couples whose problems stem from their attachment to technology. Hallowell believes that you really need physical attention and time in order to feel empathy, trust and closeness and sometimes its hard for working couples to turn it all off.

This podcast just further confirms my belief that technology can be damaging to any relationship. However, if done in moderation, I feel it can also bring two people closer together. What do you think? Listen to this podcast and feel free to post your comments.


Just to review, I felt this podcast in general was very interesting and more captivating as opposed to a written news article. I felt it was easier to follow along hearing the story/interview with my own ears as opposed to reading them off s piece of paper/the computer screen. I also liked that you could read along while the podcast was playing. Everything that was stated in the podcast was also written out in article form and I found that to be extremely helpful. 

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Above is a Powerpoint project I completed for my History of New York class about the famous New York City Rockettes.

Above is a feature article I wrote for my Sports Journalism class on a Pace student/athelete. She is a member of the Setter's softball team. 


Below is a group project I completed, along with other group members for my Intro to Public Relations class. For the assignment, we designed and presented a public relations campaign for two products with different target markets in the same category, Hershey’s and Godiva chocolate. The analysis compared the different strategies to sell each one.

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Thank you Tamara!

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