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Wells Fargo Assignment

Read the following link:

Pretend you are a lawyer. Write the arguments and evidence you would use if you were the lawyer representing the former workers of Wells Fargo.

Answer the following questions:

What are your arguments for your case?

How would you support your arguments?

Based on the article, who would you put on the stand, and what would you ask each person?

You do not need to write an essay. This can be in the form of an outline.


Sungeun Kim
10 September 2018, 23:51

 My arguments for this case is a big bank such as Wells Fargo forces their employees to lie to customers to make a lots of unnecessary accounts so that they can earn money, but most of conscientious employees feel bad to their customers, so they ended up having a mental problem.  I would support my arguments with victims. I would like to put Angie Payden, banker in Hudson, Wis., 2011 to 2014 on the stand. Because this person was so suffered by Wells Fargo's pressure. I think this person can help me out. I will ask this person about how they forced him and how does he manage his customer to make another account. 

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