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Appearance in the Workplace - Research

This page displays an acaemic research assignment, featuring the question "What Does Appearance C...

Fashion Link Up

This page will display the mockmedia relations plan for a fictional product, Fashion Link-Up, a m...

Internship Work Samples

This page features images of blogs, social media posts, and other work I have done during my inte...

My NHL Expierence

Welcome to my National Hockey League portfolio! Here you will find a mock media kit I prepared as...
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About Me

     Hello all!

        My name is Tamara Bonet and I hold a Master of Arts in Media & Communications from Pace University

        I have many goals, but my primary career goal is to work as a Public Relations Manager in the beauty and fashion industries, as well as entertainment.

        For more information about myself, please feel free to browse my portfolio and check out my personal profile by clicking here.

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24 September 2013, 15:05

Great photo Tamara. What do you all think of the pink text?

15 September 2013, 13:26

please to have you as a friend..........
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