This tattoo is not mine, but resembles something that is important to me and has impacted my life.

Writing Enhanced Courses

MCA 240: Mass Communication, Internet, & Society

HIS 367: History & Georgraphy of New York

LIT 211B: British Literature

Relevent Course Listing

  • News Media
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing for Electronic Media
  • Writing for Print Media
  • Internship I: Zuma Beach Tanning & Spa; Events and Public Relations Intern
  • Journalism at the Movies
  • Intro to Public Relations
  • International Media (Prague)
  • Writing for Advertising
  • Event Planning for PR
  • Public Relations Research
  • Writing Public Relations Copy
  • Internship Program: Latino U College Access; Social Media & PR Intern
  • Mass Communication: Internet & Society
  • Case Studies in PR
  • Industry, Theory, & Practice
  • Writing for Organizations

Tamara Bonet's portfolios

Appearance in the Workplace - Research

This page displays an acaemic research assignment, featuring the question "What Does Appearance C...

Fashion Link Up

This page will display the mockmedia relations plan for a fictional product, Fashion Link-Up, a m...

Internship Work Samples

This page features images of blogs, social media posts, and other work I have done during my inte...

My NHL Expierence

Welcome to my National Hockey League portfolio! Here you will find a mock media kit I prepared as...
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