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Tamara Bonet's portfolios

Appearance in the Workplace - Research

This page displays an acaemic research assignment, featuring the question "What Does Appearance C...

Fashion Link Up

This page will display the mockmedia relations plan for a fictional product, Fashion Link-Up, a m...

Internship Work Samples

This page features images of blogs, social media posts, and other work I have done during my inte...

My NHL Expierence

Welcome to my National Hockey League portfolio! Here you will find a mock media kit I prepared as...
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Who Am I?

You may not know me, but I'm the type who bakes cookies and holds herself down. I've traveled across the world, lived in seven (7) states and have visited five (5) countries. There are struggles that no one should go through, but I've made the most of each situation. I am a strong and intellectual woman, with a drive like no other. I aim high for each opportunity, only for the best.

My name is Tamara.