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Spring 2017:
CRJ 150Intro to Criminal Justice
POL 203CIndividual Lib/Bill Of Rights
POL 303AWorkshop: Int'l Organization
LAW 360Advanced Business Law

Fall 2016:
POL 196FTwelve Big Ideas in Politics
POL 201ACampaign Politics
POL 301KWksp: Pol of Law in America
POL 303AWorkshop:int'l Organization
LAW 317Sports and Entertainment Law
POL 393Internship in Government

Spring 2016:
HIS 196ECrimes Against Humanity
POL 196ECrimes Against Humanity
POL 222Issues in Public Policy
POL 245Politics and Media
LAW 325International Business Law
CRJ 351Criminal Evidence & Procedure

Fall 2015:
RES 106Religions of the Globe
POL 114Intro to Intrntl Relations
PHI 115Nrmatve Ethics: Cntmpry Prblms
LIT 212KStudies in the Short Story
POL 302CConstitutional Law: Cvl Rights
CRJ 305Criminal Law
HON 499Snr Smnr in Rsrch Mthds

Spring 2015:
ITA 102Elementary College Italian II
HIS 112US Civilization Since 1877
ENG 201Writing in the Disciplines
POL 206Pltcs & Envrnmnt: Urbn Prspctv
POL 214Revolution or Reform
PHI 253Logic

Fall 2014:
LAW 101Business Law I
ITA 101Elementary College Italian I
HIS 107World Civilization I
POL 111Amrcn Gvrnmnt & Poltcl Instn
INT 299JEnvironmental Clinic I

Spring 2014:
MAT 103Algebra
COM 200Public Speaking
POL 210Comparative Political Systems
HIS 264American Presidency 1900-Prsnt
ENV 297ATopic: Environmental Clinic
MCA 297FEnvrnmntl Info, Comm. & Innov.

Fall 2013:
MAT 100Fundamental Mathematics
UNV 101First-Year Smnr Unvrsty Cmmnty
CIS 101Introduction to Computing
POL 102Public Myth & Ideologies
PHI 110Philosophical Problems
ENG 110Composition
PSY 112Introduction to Psychology