Freshman year during my spring semester I was given the opportunity to take the Pace Environmental Policy Clinic.  This class was unlike any other class I had taken at Pace.  Originally it was only being offered to upperclassmen honor students.  With a recommendation from my advisor the professor allowed me to enter the class.  This was an advocacy-centered class, where each group was given a client.  The groups were expected to work with the client in order to achieve the client’s goal.  The Environmental Policy Clinic gave me the opportunity to make a change in the Pace community, something I never could have done in any other course.  I was able to retake this course in the fall semester, allowing me to continue the work my team and I had begun the previous semester.  For two consecutive semesters my team and I were working toward bringing more real and sustainable food the Pace Community.  

Blog Posts

The Environmental Policy Clinic required that all students post daily blog posts to the clinic blog.  The main goal of these posts were to spread awareness of not only the work the clinic was doing but in order to educate others on these topics.  

Mock Hearing

On April 25, 2014, I took part in a  Mock Legislative Hearing for The Student Advocacy Team for Pace Acadamy.  The hearing was centered around building a New York Dairy Industry that is Economically, Environmentally, and Ethically Sound.  My team and I testified on the behalf of students, to a mock legislative committee.  We had to come up with recommendations that dealt with certain laws that needed to be changed. Our main goal was to persuade the committee that they needed to implement changes in the dairy industry, especially in the Greek Yogurt Industry.  My main argument was how students form habits while in college, and that the yogurt industry needed to make a positive change in their yogurt production, so that the students would be willing to support the company. 


Video Project

The Pace Environmental Policy Clinic during its first semester worked in promoting awareness of circus elephant cruelty.  At the time there was a bill in the process of being brought to the floor.  The class worked on the video in the attempt to show the public how horribly circus elephants are treated.  

Circus Elephants

My Team

My team's goal was to try and bring real and sustainable food to the Pace Community.  By working toward our goal, we were given the chance to work with many different people, from Pace University and other colleges. 

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