When I was first told we had to create an e-portfoio I was apprehensive. I thought I did not have anything worthwhile to fill the pages of the portfolio. But then I began to think about the things I've done and the adventures I have had. After all, this was not just a resume, but it was a platform to tell a story about the person I am.  Hence I carefully created each page to show my passions, my creativity, my hobbies and cultural diversity. 

While creating my porfolio I decided to put wings on each page. I kept searching for the right pair of wings to put on my portfolio. None of the wings I saw seemed right, until I found the right one. The bird with the wings was a henna design that I found on google images. The bird and the wings symbolizes freedom and flight. I realised that with each year that passed by, with each semester and class I completed, I grew as a person; I grew emotionally and mentally. Each year I feel like I soared a bit higher and that feeling encourages me to pursue my dreams. It reminds me that I should never give up.

Designing this e-portfolio helped me to see how much I have accomplished in life, particulary in the past five years. Creating this portfolio reminded me about how much I've learned over the years and how much I have to be thankful for. My journey has taken me to this point and when I look back on my past, near and distant life,  I've realised that each moment has turned me into the young woman I am today; the young woman my parents can be proud of; the young woman my sister and brother can look up too. It also reminds me that I have a lot more growing to do, and I look forward to my journey ahead.


I strive to establish myself as a resilient, successful, and independent woman who can be an essential asset in the field of Public Relations. My ultimate goal is to combine my culturally diverse background and feminist world view to encourage a change in the way women are portrayed in fashion, pop culture and media.


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