Cafe of Love (A)

Writing for Organizations

Writing for Organizations was one of my graduate classes. This class was geared towards honing the writing skills of the students. Cafe of Love (A) and Cafe of Love (B) are documents I wrote for the class. 

Cafe of Love (A) 

- The purpose of this assignment was to write an article about Cafe of Love's ( a restuarant that was reopening) partnership with Mount Kisco Child Care Center. This article was written form the perspective of a journalist.

Cafe of Love (B)

- The purpose of the assignment was the same as Cafe of Love (A). The difference is that this time the article was written from the perspective of a public relations writer.

We were given this assignment because our professor wanted us to learn the different styles of writing. In both these assignments I received an A. 

Cafe of Love (B)

British Literature Project

Creativity Unleashed

During my junior year at Berry College I took a British Literature course. Part of the focus of the class was to study Arthurian Literature. For one of our assignments we had to pretend that we wanted to be in King Arthur's Court. As such, the assignment was to create a resume. We were given creative freedom on the project.

I dabbed coffee on a sheet of white, computer paper. After letting the paper dry, I burned its edges. Then, I hand wrote the entire paper with a feather tip pen, which I dipped in my bottle of ink. After the ink was dried, I rolled the scroll and tied a red ribbon around it. I received an A on this project.

Creating this porject was a lot of fun. I was able to be creative and I learned a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed this particular British Literature class.

Culture in the Workplace

This prezi was created for my Industry Theory and Practice class. This class is one of my graduate classes. The class is focused on communications in the workplace.

This prezi was focused on the Indian Worplace. The presentation gave an overview of India's history, cultural aspeccts of the Indian culture, and the differences and similarities between communications in the American and Indian workplace.

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