St. Joseph's Convent St. Joseph- Trinidad and Tobago, 2002- 2008


Because Trinidad was last ruled by the British during the colonial period, Trinidad schools follow their system. That is, students, after elementary school, go right into highschool, where they spend seven years before going to university. St. Joseph's Convent St. Joseph is a very prestigious high school. During my time at St. Joseph, I received a first class education.

In addition, I was a lower school prefect and then an upper school prefect. Prefects at my school were assigned classes, and at the morning assemblies we were to take role, and sign off on absents and late excuses. In addition, if teachers were out of a classroom, and a prefect was available, then she would have to sit in with the class to ensure they behaved accordingly. I enjoyed my time in St. Joseph's Convent; I made many friends and even participated in school events like kareoke and the talent shows. 


Classes I took in years 1- 5: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geography, Spanish, Literature, English and Mathematics

Classes I took in year 6:             Georgraphy, Chemistry, Biology and Communications Studies


The girls in this photo were and are my friends from high school.

Grandview Preparatory School, Florida, U.S.A, 2008- 2009

I dressed up as Ophelia, from Hamlet, to get extra credit for my AP Literature class.

Transition Period

My family moved to Florida in 2008 because the crime rate increased significantly in Trinidad. However, no one wanted to leave because we left behind all our family and friends; we left behind our culture, our people, our way of life, our home. When we moved to Florida, I was enrolled in Grandview Preparatory Highschool. As if moving and joining a new school was not bad enough, I entered highschool in my senior year. The school was a small private school. The campus and teahcers were nice, but I had a difficult time adjusting. 

I had a hard time transitioning because everything was so different. However, I grew accostumed to the American way of schooling and most importantly the American culture. As I became more used to the way of life, I began to make more friends and I opened up a lot more. Going to Grandview really did prepare me for the journey I was to have in college. Even though it was tough, I pushed through and conquered all obstacles that were thrown my way.

Berry College, Georgia, U.S.A, 2009- 2013

Taking Flight

When I entered Berry College, I my declared major was pre- med. However, after my first year at Berry, I realised that I was not passionate about the sciences. I was then introduced to the fields of psychology and women's studies. Before I switched my major and added a minor, I sat in on a psychology class and a women's studies class. I thought to myself "this is it!" I was so thrilled because I felt a connection to these classes; I switched my major to psychology and I made women's studies my minor.

As I went through my courses, I began to take a lot of religion classes. My focus was on Asian religions and traditions. Due to the fact that I took a lot of religion classes, in my senior year, during the fall semester, the registrar's office emailed me to let me know I was two classes away from obtaining a minor in religion too. Thus, I declared a minor in religion. I graduated Berry College with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a double minor in Religion and Women's Studies.

It was after making these change that I began to blossom. I began excelling in my work, and I also began participating in school activities. Being at Berry college helped me to find my passions. I grew into an adult here. If I could go back in time and do it again, I would choose to go to Berry. This campus gave me so much academically, emotionally and mentally. I grew up, I became a woman. 

This picture was taken before Thanksgiving in 2009. The building behind me is the Ford dinning hall at Berry College

Pace University, New York, U.S.A, 2013- 2014

My friend Sashel and I at Pace University's 50 Year Celebration Film Festival

A Bright Future

Being able to study in New York was a dream come true. I arrived in New York with hopes for a bright and successful future. I hope to achieve this promising future with Pace University's help. At Pace, I am earning my MA in Media and Communications. Although I have taken only two classes, I have learned a lot, and I have been able to hone my writing skills. Pace has made me confident that with their help, I can attain the future I have always wanted. It does not hurt that I am studying in the city where dreams come true.

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