Mr. Wilson

Mr. Julius Wilson began his entrepreneurial career on the roads of rural North Carolina when he was only 14 years old. He began shining shoes out of an oak crate, that, now almost 60 years later, he still has. 

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Mr. Wilson is a short documentary piece about my grandfather that I completed between March and November of 2016 through Downtown Community Television Center's Young Women of Cinema program. Through this program, I was able to assist with other young women on their media projects and develop my first personal piece. 

Personal Projects

MetLife Culture Club--Summer 2016

External media

During my internship at MetLife, I was able to work with my manager to apply my skills as a videographer to this internship. I compiled a video on the Culture Club, which is an employee engagement club that holds events in the office in order to increase productivity and encourage people to come to work. Jason Roy leads the Culture Club and is featured explaining some of the programs and events that the Culture Club hosts.

Youth Rights Media Projects

Catching Up with YRM Alumni (2014)

Description on YouTube:

A staggering 44% of sexual assault victims are under the age of 18. In “44,” a collection of short works by Youth Rights Media, young filmmakers explore the way this kind of violence affects and is integrated into modern youth culture.

In this third part of a 3-part series, YRM's youth filmmakers explore the way rape culture permeates our society and colors the way we look at things like consent and violence.


Un-Blurred Lines is a short documentary on rape culture and sexual assault that I and my fellow Youth Rights Media Employees collaborated on. My participation in this project was very hands-on and I oversaw many of the edits and interviews shown. However, I would not have been able to complete this alone and I am very grateful to my fellow group members as well as my supervisors who implemented the finishing touches.


Acceptance PSA Summer 2012

Over the winter intercession, my former employers, Youth Rights Media, with whom many of the videos on this page were produced, asked me to make a video about my fellow alumni as a sponsor video. I happily obliged and created the video to the left.

In this project I interview some of my fellow Youth Rights Alum, asking them about their experience working with YRM, which projects they worked on and what they gained from their experiences. This project was quite enjoyable for me as I got to catch up with some of my friends and take a trip down memory lane. Anyone interested in working with Youth Rights may find this video helpful, since the Alum not only talk about their own experiences, but also give valuable advice to current and future interns.

Un-Blurred Lines (2014)

Description on YouTube:

Published on Sep 4, 2012

Summer Institute 2012 students created a PSA on the issue of acceptance of LGBT youth.

Producers: Adina McCray, Brandon Moore, Jarod Simmons, Marvinasia Ogman, Myia Beal, Nicko Navarro , Taylor Edwards


This PSA is a product of Youth Rights Media's Summer Institute of 2012. I acted in and edited this production, and I am very proud of it. That summer, the interns were allowed to choose their own topic to create a PSA and our group chose LGBT acceptance because it was something we all felt very strongly about.I really enjoyed the process because we got to deviate from Youth Rights' traditional documentary style and incorporate some fiction along with the facts.

Labeled (2012-2013)

According to the Human Rights Campaign, 4 in 10 LGBT youth - 42% - say the community in which they live is not accepting of LGBT people. Labeled, a documentary by Youth Rights Media, explores what life is like for LGBT youth, taking an incisive look at the roles media, school, family and faith play in their lives.

Labeled was the second documentary I had the pleasure of working on with Youth Rights Media. Notice the film is broken into subtopics; each of which had their corresponding group of interns. I was a part of the school subtopic group, and together we covered what the school social atmosphere is like for LGBTQIA students.

Unspoken (2011-2012)


Through personal stories and candid interviews, youth explore the causes and effects of gun violence, giving voice to what is often Unspoken. Turning the camera on themselves, youth reveal their hopes and dreams for a healthier New Haven, offerings ideas for reducing - and possibly preventing - gun violence.

This was my very first project with Youth Rights Media and I enjoyed it very much. The film talks about gun violence as it affects New Haven and it's possible root causes and solutions

South Pacific Adventure: New Zealand

This summer I traveled with my church youth group, Guarding Angels Pathfinder Club, to Osh Kosh, WI for an international Camporee. In this video I've included some highlights of the trip as well as reflections from GA Members on their favorite parts. 

During the summer of July 2013, I traveled with People to People Student Ambassadors to New Zealand and Australia. Part of my trip is documented thoroughly in the video to the right, filmed and edited completely by me. 

Special thanks to all of my family for donating to help me go, and to my fellow Ambassadors for participating in the videos.

Osh Kosh International Camporee 2014


Megan Morse
18 November 2014, 12:44

You've done and experienced a lot at a young age.

Sara Moriarty
18 November 2014, 12:47

This looks really great-- I like your use of photos and I like the fact that you showcase videos that you had a part in creating. The visuals really make your pages stand out and speak a lot about who you are. 

Heather Novak
02 December 2014, 16:48

Very well done Adina.  Looks great.


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