English 120


Here you'll find some of the essays I completed at Pace. In the Initial Writer's Self-Portrait I reflect how I feel about writing and what kind of writer I think I am. In Essay 1 we were responsible for conducting a Rhetorical Analysis on an editorial or news article, and I chose "Reddit is a Failed State" by T.C. Sottek on The Verge.com, in which Sottek responds to the release of celebrity nudes on Reddit.com. In Essay 2 we were able to choose a topic and develop a point of view on it and I chose feminism. Our research papers could be an extension of or in relation to Essay 2, so I granted I chose hypermasculinitythe strict gender roles that exist for men in our society. Finally, in my Final Writer's Self-Portrait I talk about my growth as a writer after completing the Critical Writing course.

Initial Writer's Self-Portrait

Essay 1: Rhetorical Analysis

Essay 2: Feminism_Revised

Writing Program Survey for 201 Students

Congratulations on completing your final composition course here at Pace!  Please take a few moments to complete an anonymous, reflective survey regarding your experiences with our writing program, as we value your feedback.

Hypermasculinity Research Paper

Essay 2: Feminism

English 201

In my Honors Writing in the Disciplines course with Dr. Robert Mundy, we focused on developing a research paper within our field throughout the semester in preparation for our senior Honors theses. I chose the topic of post-racial societies in American films, please find the individual parts of my research paper as well as the complementing Storify page below. 

Post-Racial Narratives & Film Storify