"She is one of the hardest working and passionate students I have ever worked with always looking for our NRHH to become a better organization at Pace University...She is so passionate about wanting to make everything that NRHH does as fun and educational to those around her, which immensely helps her be a president others can look up to...she is a true leader, and her leadership deserves to be recognized."

-Christine Laurentiev, Advisor

"She does so much for RHA that some mistake her for my Vice President just because she truly is my right hand man...I can always count on Stephanie to handle anything...I firmly believe that RHA would not be the way it is without her organization and moose love."

-Christine Vega, President, Residence Hall Association

"I am continuously impressed by your hard work and dedication. I am tremendously proud of you! Keep up the spirit."

-Rachel-Ann Olson, Regional Communications Coordinator for Marketing and Public Relations, NEACURH

"Overall, Stephanie Jacovino has shown countless times through countless ways that not only is she an effective and successful President, but that she deserves to have her leadership recognized by more college students."

-John Cattani, Vice President for Recognition

"She is also one of the most organized people I know. She plans ahead and makes sure she leaves enough time for everything...She is very ambitious with great goals and plans for the future. She is our newly elected NCC and, as outgoing NCC, I know she will do a fantastic job with it."

-Shawna Dykens,Pace University graduate, 2012 Outgoing NCC