Course Listing

Spring 2015:
PSY 233Psychology of Civic Engagement
CRJ 261Intro to Criminal Invstgtn
PSY 271Psychology of Morality
PSY 277Evolutionary Psychology
POL 303AWorkshop: Int'l Organization
PSY 327Mentored Lab Class Semester 1

Fall 2014:
ANT 101Introduction to Anthropology
PSY 225Parapsychology and the Occult
POL 303AWorkshop:int'l Organization
CRJ 402Constitutional Issues in CRJ
CRJ 412Integrity Issues in CRJ

Spring 2014:
SPE 166Basic American Sign Lang II
PSY 234Human Sexual Behavior
WS 289Science Fiction and Gender
PSY 302Child Psychology
CRJ 346Terrorism and Society
CRJ 351Criminal Evidence & Procedure

Fall 2013:
LAW 101Business Law I
ART 102Art Hstry: Ancient - Gthic Art
ENG 201Writing in the Disciplines
PSY 206Psychology and Law
PSY 215Psych of Cultural Diversity
MAR 250Principles of Marketing
CRJ 250Cmnty Relations in CRJ System

Spring 2013:
SOC 102Introduction to Sociology
CHE 108Forensic Chemistry II
WS 215Intro to Women's Studies
CRJ 243Alcohol, Drugs and Crime
WS 266Gender, Race and Class
CRJ 305Criminal Law

Fall 2012:
SPE 165Basic American Sign Language
CRJ 242Crime and Public Policy
CRJ 247Intro to Private Security
PSY 258Forensic Psychology
WS 268Men and Masculinities
ENG 307Creative Writing: Fiction

Spring 2012:
CIS 101Cmptrs & Frnsc Scnce Lrng Pod
CHE 107Forensic Chemistry I
CRJ 121Government Administration
LIT 132Intro to Literary Studies
COM 200Public Speaking

Fall 2011:
UNV 101CFrst-Yr Smnr/Unvrsty Cmnty Cap
MAT 102CMathematics for Life - (CAP)
ENG 105CComposition & Rhetoric I (CAP)
HIS 113CU.S. & The World - CAP
ENG 120CCritical Writing - (CAP)
CRJ 150Intro to Criminal Justice

Honors Courses Taken

ENG 201 - Writing in the Disciplines*

PSY 215 - Psychology of Cultural Diversity*

MAR 250 - Introduction to Marketing

CRJ 351 - Criminal Evidence and Procedure*

PSY 225 - Parpsychology and the Occult

Writing Enhanced Courses Taken

WS 289 - Men and Masculinities

MAR 250 - Introduction to Marketing


Prezi Presentations

My Psychology & Law final - written for my Psychology and Law class taken in Fall 2013 for Professor Ronquillo at Pace University. This paper was written on the topic of Criminal Minds in comparison to real world steps taken to identify and find a criminal.

Above are two papers written for my Psychology 215 - Introduction to Cultural Diversity. The first paper was written on the movie Crash as an analysis of the movie according to issues of diversity, stereotyping and racism/bigotry. 


The second paper was written on the movie Waiting for Superman. Using the same concept, I analyzed the movie according to various diversity topics learned in class.

The above papers are opinion based research papers on various topics such as homophobia and immigration. These were both prepared for my Psychology 215 class, Introduction to Cultural Diversity. 

This paper highlights the effects of drugs and alcohol on our modern day society. It was written as a final paper for my CRJ 243 Alcohol, Drugs & Crime class.

This 17 page Marketing plan prepared by Danielle Carroll & myself was a final project for our Marketing 250 - Introduction to Marketing Honors class. Complete with SWOT analysis, the plan discussed Marlboro cigarettes, a Phillip Morris USA brand.

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VII. Marketing 250/English 201 Fall 2013

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