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SOAR 2016 - Orientation Leader

Orientation Leaders (OLs) serve as resources for new students who are making the transition from their previous environment to the diverse academic, intellectual, and social culture of the University. OLs are expected to possess a specific body of knowledge about the University acquired through training and experience, and they sincerely must be interested and skillful in sharing this information with Orientation participants. Selection to the Orientation Staff is a unique honor and a rewarding opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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II. Academic Materials

These are various academic materials, such as papers, articles and cases that I have studied, wri...

IV. Writing Showcase

On this page, I showcase different aspects of my writing skills. Included are short stories, stor...

VI. Recommendations

On this page, you will find a list of teachers, faculty and staff members at Pace University and ...

VII. Marketing 250/English 201 Fall 2013

Various papers and documents written and prepared for English 201 - Writing in the Disciplines ba...
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