Reflection on ePortfolio Work

My passion for ePortfolios comes from my combined interest in writing and technology.  I have been an ePortfolio enthusiast for years using them in my own teaching while also strongly advocating for adoption on the university level and also participating in national and international conversations through the Connect to Learn Grant and the Mahara User Group (MUG).  

Together with my colleague and friend Dr. Linda Anstendig, we keep spreading the word about the power of ePortfolios and luckily we do this with the help of a talented group of student eTerns who are led by Samantha Egan, Pace graduate who impressed us years ago with her ePortfolio and continues to enrich this ePortfolio project every step of the way.

ePortfolios are about making student learning visible and about encouraging students to reflect and construct their own learning.  This page contains some artifacts my journey with ePortfolios.  I invite you to read through and share feedback on this page below. 

Mahara User Group

The Mahara User Group (MUG) is a community of Mahara users from across the globe who collaborate on ideas, challenges and innovations related to the Mahara open-source ePortfolio platform. After holding its inaugural meeting on August 9, 2011 at Pace University, MUG established a Facebook page to continue conversations and plan for future meetings. MUG currently has members from various countries, including, Germany, Canada and from states both in and out of the continental United States.

ePortfolio Presentations

My work with ePortfolios keeps evolving. The presentations shared on this page show the many ways in which we are using ePortfolios, to enhance teaching and learning, encourage reflection and promote curricular change. 

Mahara UK

eTerns: What Every Campus Needs to Pull off a Technology Revolution

Pace Prep

Scaling Up: Documenting ePortfolio Progress

ePortfolios and Faculty Development

Moving Towards an Integrated Learning ePortfolio as an "Educational Passport"

Shrinking the Distance in Distance Learning

Implementing ePortfolios in 6 Months Through an Open Source Solution

Connect to Learning

Click here to view Pace University's project portfolio on the Catalyst for Learning site.

Making Strides with ePortfolios

Our work with Connect to Learn was recenty featured in the March 2014 version of  Opportunitas, Pace University's e-newsletter.


Linda Anstendig
21 April 2014, 14:22

Hi Beth:  I love the way this ePortfolio Work collection highlights your leadership role as ePortfolio co-director and as scholar in the field.  What about adding artifacts related to MUG?!

Amy Lynd
15 April 2016, 0:03

Definitely a nice page to show an e-passion :)