K. Co-curricular /Extracurricular Activities

This page includes summaries and images of volunteer and academic activities that I am involved in.

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Pace Make a Difference Day

This Fall, as part of the Pace community I planted gardens and cleaned up the local park.

Pace University Honors College

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    - Wednesday, 07 December 2011 [14.3KB]

    This is an essay that I have written to describe my experience thus far in the Honors College at Pace University. I have truly grown as a person because of this wonderful group that I am a part of. Through events and learning communities, I have grown both as a person and as a student.

Hunger Relief Volunteer

Volunteering is one of my favorite things to do.  I enjoy giving back to my community, and doing what I can to help others.  My favorite volunteer activity is an organization called Rock Can Roll.  We collect canned goods and monetary donations at concert venues.  The food and money is then donated to the local food pantries.  Taking part in this activity means a lot to me; volunteer work is a powerful and meaningful part of my life.


Red Cross Volunteer


Undergraduate Research Project

In the spring of 2013, I took part in a research project which studied ePortfolio and its' effects on student learning and reflection.  My role in the project was to interview students and professors about their experiences with ePortfolio.  I came up with the questions to ask, searched for candidates to interview, set up appointments, and conducted the interviews.  Once the data was collected, our small team was able to analyze the data to look for commonalities.  I created a collection of pages to present at the Pace University Undergraduate Research Presentation on April 31, 2013.  Working with Linda Anstendig, Jemma York, and Hana Ljubicic was truly a pleasure.

Accounting Society

During my senior year at Pace University, I was elected senator of the Accounting Society. My responsibilities included attending student government meetings on a monthly basis to keep the club updated with university events and news.

Tuesday Night Walks

My mother and I adopted our dog Sugaree from Last Hope animal shelter in October, 2011.  A few months later, my mom began volunteering there.  Come May, when I finished my semester of classes I began my adventures at Last Hope.  Now, every Tuesday night I volunteer at the shelter.  A normal shift for me starts at 7pm and ends at 9pm.  I walk the dogs, give them water, and am always sure to socialize them.  This means playtime, pets, and lots of love!  Volunteering at the shelter is extremely rewarding, and I am glad to give back to them since they gave me such a perfect pet!


Students for a Smarter Planet

Students for a Smarter Planet is a club at Pace University that I am proud to be a part of.  It is an IBM sponsored organization that works towards a common goal of creating a healthier environment, and healthier people.


Leadership Retreat

The Dale Carnegie Effective Communication and Leadership Course improved my public speaking skills, and further developed my leadership skills.  The training challenged me to become a better communicator.  After completing the course, I noticed a difference in the way I communicate my thoughts to others.  I was pleased to have taken advantage of this fantastic opportunity, and am always in search of new ways to improve myself.


Events Attended