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Pace Major Proposal

The purpose of project is to present to students why they should choose a certain major. You can choose any major you want. It does not have to be the major you are studying at the present time. You will need to write a short proposal to the chair of the department, a flyer for students, and a short PowerPoint presentation.

The short proposal to the chair needs to contain why there needs to be a short presentation to attract students to chosen major. The suggested format on my ePortfolio will work well for this.

The flyer is to announce when and where the presentation will take place, the purpose of the presentation, and other details they need to know.

This 15-minute presentation addresses why students should choose a certain major. You may include job statistics (e.g.,, Database: Occupational Outlook Handbook from,, and Pace University’s website) to possible jobs students can get after graduation, and advanced degrees in the major from Pace University’s website.