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U-Haul Assignment

You are a supervisor for U-Haul. A customer comes to use and asks for a truck and a convenient pick-up location for him. On top of this, a hurricane hit two days ago, which has caused a lot of delays and availability issues.

The customer goes online to find that no truck or convenient location is available during the time he has scheduled his move. The customer is very irate and writes a letter to the president of U-Haul. You, the supervisor, receive an email from the president with his attached letter, stating that he has lost a lot of money not being able to move and decides to go with another company that can provide a truck and convenient pick-up location.

Your task is to write a memo to your staff for a training session on how to deal with irate customers like him and train your staff a procedure to follow, using a Power-Point slide show. You must include the following in the training session: act of God, policies and procedures, and procedures on how to deal with irate customers.